Author: Jared Rhodes


Mentoring at HackGT’s Health Hackathon

This Friday and Saturday I will be mentoring at HackGT’s Health Hackathon. I’ve been looking to put together a larger medical focused hackathon in the Atlanta area. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping organize an event that focuses on advancing technology that allows for because access to medicine contact me.

Jared Rhodes 

Big IoT week in Atlanta

This coming week there are a few IoT events in Atlanta: Monday November 6th, the Atlanta IoT group will be meeting at 7:00 pm to discuss Turning software into computer chips. Tuesday November 7th, Kristin Ottofy and Microsoft will be hosting a Cloud IoT Hack at the Tabernacle. Wednesday November 8th, Georgia Tech will be hosting the […]

Jared Rhodes 
Speaking Engagements

CodeMash 2018

At CodeMash, I will be presenting Configure, Control, and Manage IoT with Mobile. This presentation is to showcase how to create a Xamarin Forms application to interact with the different protocols allowed with mobile. Also in this presentation we will look at the different, easy to create, house hold devices that can be made by the […]

Jared Rhodes