Westworld of Warcraft


I wanted a project where I could use machine learning and natural language processing. While I was mulling over project ideas and watching Westworld, a friend sent me a link to the WoW Classic announcement. That gave me the idea for Westworld of Warcraft.

What I wanted Westworld of Warcraft to be was a private server where there were other “players” that would be involved with the gameplay. Back in 2005, I remember playing with a number of memorable players each with personality quirks; an experience I hope to emulate with different hosts.


So here are the goals of the project (I will update them as I go):

  • Create programs that can interact with the game and consume generated data from the game. (Completed)
  • Funnel consumed data to instances into Microsoft Azure. (Completed)
  • Build machine learning models around the consumed data to mimic players playing the game. Including:
    • Questing
    • PVP
    • Raiding
    • Grouping
    • Being Apart of the Economy
  • Build natural language processing models to:
    • Allow bots to converse with players
    • Spawn bots in response to continuing chat requests (LFG,LFM,WTS,etc.)
  • Change the bots to no longer need the client and use the server connection directly


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