IRIS Conference

April 14th is the Integrative Research and Ideas Symposium (IRIS) hosted by the UGA Graduate-Professional Student Association. I will be speaking on three separate topics at the event: Virtual Reality and IoT - Interacting with the Changing World Enable IoT with Edge Computing and Machine Learning Alternative Device Interfaces and Machine Learning More than that though … Continue reading IRIS Conference

Storing Event Data in Elastic Search

There was a CPU and network issue when the hosts uploaded data directly from the client to Elastic Search.  To allow for the same data load without the elastic overhead running on the client the following architecture was used: Hosts use Event Hubs to upload the telemetry data Consume Event Hub data with Stream Analytics … Continue reading Storing Event Data in Elastic Search

Azure IoT Edge stuck restarting

If your Azure IoT Edge runtime is giving the status of: IoT Edge Status: RESTARTING ERROR: Runtime is restarting. Please retry later. and is not allowing for any of the other commands and you have waited an appropriated amount of time, then try the following: First stop the edgeAgent container in docker: sudo docker stop … Continue reading Azure IoT Edge stuck restarting

Create Azure Function to process IoT Hub file upload

  On the Wren Solutions project, there was need to sync a large data set from a device and merge data from it into an existing data set in Microsoft Azure. To accomplish this we decided to use the following workflow: Upload the file using Azure IoT Hub Trigger a function on the Azure Blob creation … Continue reading Create Azure Function to process IoT Hub file upload