As a Microsoft MVP for Azure, I focus on IoT, Mobile, and Cloud; trying to find the subsection of those and make them work together. Lately, I have working with AI and Edge computing as the they evolve together. I enjoy public speaking, walks on the beach, and no linker errors.

I’ve been working in technology for about 10 years. When I started my education, I didn’t consider any of the aspects of software development. For my major, I went for physics. In the last year of school, I joined the Autonomous underwater vehicle team because of the number of friends that were on it. While working on the project, I was asked to develop sonar for the submarine. Once a mathematical model was made in MathCad and delivered, blank stares were shared by all of the electrical and mechanical engineers. After that they asked me to learn C to help program the micro controller. After graduating, the C I learned was much better on the job market than the physics degree.

My career started at a solar power installer. It was the same as most careers, fixing web pages and batch jobs. After that I moved onto Insurance for a year writing a rating engine to give rates for insurance. Next, I moved onto consulting for ~3 years doing everything from mobile, web, services, cloud, in house, off shore, sales, etc. Now I do freelance consulting in Cloud, Mobile, and IoT.