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TechBash 2018

This year I will be presenting Enable IoT with Edge Computing and Machine Learning at TechBash. Here is the outline: Being able to run compute cycles on local hardware is a practice predating silicon circuits. Mobile and Web technology has pushed computation away from local hardware and onto remote servers. As prices in the cloud have decreased, […]

Jared Rhodes 
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IRIS Conference

April 14th is the Integrative Research and Ideas Symposium (IRIS) hosted by the UGA Graduate-Professional Student Association. I will be speaking on three separate topics at the event: Virtual Reality and IoT – Interacting with the Changing World Enable IoT with Edge Computing and Machine Learning Alternative Device Interfaces and Machine Learning More than that though […]

Jared Rhodes 
Azure Speaking Engagements

Azure Global Bootcamp Atlanta

This year will be the 4th annual Azure Global Bootcamp in Atlanta. If you don’t know about Azure Global Bootcamp here is their snippet: Welcome to Global Azure Bootcamp! All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing! On April 21, 2018, all communities will come together once […]

Jared Rhodes 
Cognitive Services Speaking Engagements

DevNet Create

I’m proud to be presenting Alternative Device Interfaces and Machine Learning at DevNet Create this year. With AI becoming more and more ubiquitous, it is important to note the effect on a user’s experience. This presentation is meant to show how to create modern applications using machine learning provided by a third party and showcase what some third […]

Jared Rhodes 
Community Speaking Engagements

DevNexus 2018

I’m proud to be presenting Enable IoT with Edge Computing and Machine Learning at DevNexus this year. This is one of my newer talks. After doing a bit of work with Microsoft Azure’s gateway releases I feel that this logic delivery mechanism is going to become more and more pervasive. As a Microsoft MVP I want […]

Jared Rhodes