Community Speaking Engagements
Jared Rhodes  

DevNexus 2018

I’m proud to be presenting Enable IoT with Edge Computing and Machine Learning at DevNexus this year. This is one of my newer talks. After doing a bit of work with Microsoft Azure’s gateway releases I feel that this logic delivery mechanism is going to become more and more pervasive. As a Microsoft MVP I want to showcase what is coming from an AI and compute perspective.

Being able to run compute cycles on local hardware is a practice predating silicon circuits. Mobile and Web technology has pushed computation away from local hardware and onto remote servers. As prices in the cloud have decreased, more and more of the remote servers have moved there. This technology cycle is coming full circle with pushing the computation that would be done in the cloud down to the client. The catalyst for the cycle completing is latency and cost. Running computations on local hardware softens the load in the cloud and reduces overall cost and architectural complexity.

The difference now is how the computational logic is sent to the device. As of now, we rely on app stores and browsers to deliver the logic the client will use. Delivery mechanisms are evolving into writing code once and having the ability to run that logic in the cloud and push that logic to the client through your application and have that logic run on the device. In this presentation, we will look at how to accomplish this with existing Azure technologies and how to prepare for upcoming technologies to run these workloads.

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