Jared Rhodes  

MVP Renewal

Proudly, I will be entering my third year as a Microsoft MVP. This will be under the Microsoft Azure category again. Moving forward, I look forward to doing a large amount of work and training with Azure Edge and Azure ML. Specifically, I look forward to working on the Scry Unlimited and other projects I find throughout the year. To contact me for your project, please visit the contact page.

As a start, on 7/16/2019 I will be presenting AI on the Edge at the Azure in the ATL user group. Following that up I will be speaking at events around the country and hopefully internationally again. In addition to my normal speaking on Mobile, Cloud, and Edge; I will be adding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence specifically focusing on the integration with Edge and Mobile computing.

Finally, I am still putting together events in Atlanta. If you would like to participate in any of the following events, just follow their links or message me on Twitter:

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